Kelly Rizzo is the rocker-chic host and creator of 'Eat Travel Rock TV,' the Award-Winning on- demand entertainment series where she goes behind the scenes and of the cuff with master chefs, rock stars, and other creative industry heavyweights while traveling the world.  She also shows you the COOLEST way to travel "like a local" by taking you to the trendiest restaurants, hotels, music festivals, and more. 

Eat Travel Rock TV is expertly produced by LX MGMT (Producer Chantel Luxem, has over 7 years of experience with The Oprah Winfrey Show and OWN Network).  The series has close to 100 episodes of quality food, travel, and music content where Kelly Rizzo tells the unique and behind-the-scenes stories of all of her favorite destinations around the country and world.  She gives you EXCLUSIVE access and puts her unique spin and personality in each episode.  She becomes your eyes and ears on the scene and shows you WHY each destination SHE visits needs to be the next destination YOU visit.  

Also, we’re thrilled that Eat Travel Rock TV is now AWARD WINNING! In 2018, we won a “Best Influencer Program” award from the PRSA for our episodes for Virginia Tourism.

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